Our gallery is located in Milan and we specialize in Japanese art. We specifically deal with Edo-Meiji works of art, in particular netsuke, okimono, shibayama, satsuma, lacquer objects, metal work and contemporary art objects from the Taisho periods -Showa. This evolution comes from the experience acquired over many years; I have to thank the many collectors and antique dealers we have met over the years, refining our taste and learning a little more every day, comparing ourselves to have a broader vision of the market.

We participate annually in the Amart exhibition in Milan and in the Mercanteinfiera in Parma. In 2016 we published a catalog with more than 120 okimono from only Italian collections “Japanese Okimono” sold by us in recent years and annually we publish the volume “Japanese Masterpieces” masterpieces of Japanese art.



We buy from important foreign and Italian collections; we are looking for works of art that we like and that we know, objects that convey emotion, not just “things” to sell, but rare, selected and collectible objects that keep their economic and cultural value unchanged over time; we, like you, are looking for those pieces that no one would ever want to leave.

We hope to involve you in our passion and that our taste coincides with yours, so as to find benefit to pass on to others so that these works are always loved and respected.

What could be more beautiful than meeting a collector, ready for a new love story and eager to know and discover the soul of a rare object. Discovering a material, an era, a style that we didn’t know and that we suddenly like and involve us forever” Andrea and Luca Mastromauro